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Let Us Help You Transition To Care Gracefully!


Are you getting discharged from the hospital, skilled, or rehabilitation facility and realize you will need some help at home?


Is your loved one struggling with a disability, injury, or health concern? Did you recently fall? Are you recovering from surgery?


Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness such as.,

  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Heart Failure
  • COPD
  • Dementia
  • And more…

Navigating Care

Graceful Transitions for Your Loved Ones

Transitioning home from the hospital, skilled nursing facility, or acute rehabilitation can be difficult. Our transitional care services is designed to make the transition from a medical facility to home seamless. We offer a unique approach to those struggling with a health condition. Comprehensive support with expertise and empathy is necessary to enhance quality of life.

    0 %
    of patients admitted to the hospital return within 30 days of discharge.
    0 %
    of these readmissions are PREVENTABLE

    Reasons why people return to the hospital:

    Not attending follow-up appointments with the doctor after a hospitalization.

    1/3 of readmitted patients reported seeing doctors between hospitalizations. The patient may need help with transportation, remembering the appointment, or the appointment is scheduled too far out.

    Not following discharge instructions.
    Medications may be used inappropriately, doses of an antibiotic may be skipped, or not taken daily. All can lead a patient back to the hospital.
    Misinterpretation of discharge instructions.
    When patients do not understand the discharge instructions, confusion, and lack of knowledge about the instructions can result in a patient returning to the hospital.
    Adverse drug events
    When patients are taking multiple medications, it’s easy to get confused about what medications should and should not be taken. Old medications can easily become confused with new medicines, and mistakenly, all can be taken. Certain medications react poorly when taken together and can cause a patient to be hospitalized.
    transitions care
    Transitions care

    Transitional Care Program

    We are experts at transitioning you safely home from a hospital, skilled, or rehabilitation facility.

    Let our team follow you home.

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    We offer Seamless Access to Care, because All Problems Have Solutions.

    Our process at Hearts for Dementia is designed to provide personalized solutions to your unique needs.

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    How We Stand Out in Transitional Care

    Your Seamless Path to Home Health Happiness
    We distinguish ourselves by providing an effortless transition from hospital discharge to home.
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