The Montessori Method: Not Just for Children

We all know that the Maria Montessori method is commonly used as an academic approach to helping kids learn through their surroundings. But did you know that the Montessori method is not just for kids but for aging adults, too? It is also used to create a prepared environment with memory supports and cues for older adults and people with dementia that enables individuals to care for themselves, others, and their community. So that people can live as independently as possible, our customized home care services strive to build communities that treat people with dignity and respect.

Dementia patients frequently have the impression that they are constantly under direction. They are adults and frequently do not require instruction, but they do desire to be useful and feel needed. The Montessori method aids in the reduction and prevention of dementia-related challenging behaviors. Activities that embrace roles, routines, and boost self-esteem reduce boredom and loneliness. The environment should provide the cues when the individual is unable to “remember” crucial information.

Some examples of hands-on activities that our home care in Scottsdale, Arizona can help with are:

  • Sorting and folding the laundry
  • Indicating the activities for the day in the calendar
  • Encouraging your senior to recall stories from the past
  • Washing the dishes together
  • Managing medications

At Hearts for Dementia, our trusted dementia care program can help you or your loved one receive this type of care when it comes to dementia-related needs.

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